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Save me from myself, Lord;
Save me from my need
To always run my life, Lord,
To control my every deed.

Save me from my pride, Lord,
My focus on just me;
Help me learn to serve, Lord;
Show me how to be.

Save me from the world, Lord,
When tempting things entice;
Remind me of eternity
With You, in paradise.

I give my life to you, Lord
My every need you fill;
I’m resting in my faith, Lord;
You saved me, and you always will.

By Joanna Fuchs


I can't say thank you enough to Traci! I was having a problem with my 3rd barrel, my horse would blow off of it and it was costing us either winning a race and/or even placing. I asked Traci if she could watch my videos and then watch me ride! In less then 2 minutes she found the problem. So she got on my horse and fixed it, in less then 10 minutes! The thing I got most excited about was that she put me on the back of my horse while riding in front of me, and SHOWED me what to do with my hands and what it looked like and felt like! To me that speaks louder than words! It was a learning tool for me because then I knew when I was doing it right! Traci rode with me from 8 pm until 10 pm that night showing me and helping, and also before I ran that next night!

This was my first time every racing in Waco Texas, I hadn't even been in the arena to walk around in it. I ended up high galloping and ran in the 2-D and my horse kept that hip right where it was suppose to be! Traci was right there in the stands cheering me on!!!! THANK YOU!

Carrie Jankee - WPRA Professional Barrel Racer
Tinys Watch Rocks and Kings Gray Dawn!
September 2009    

I first met Traci at a World Barrel Racing show in Waco, TX. She was riding a most amazing bay mare. Traci stopped by our Animal Krackers Body Balancing Booth to have her horse evaluated. She was so vibrant and easy to chat with, we became instant friends. I continued to hear her name from folks that had her fixing and tuning up horses and about her methods. So I watched her riding in the warm up, and continued to be amazed; I had to know more.I can hardly wait to see more at the clinic this fall. She will be starting three for me.

Thank you, Kelli Heidt
Aug 28, 2009    

Dear Traci,
Thank you so much for all the help and advice you gave me when I came to your clinic! I really needed help from a professional to figure out how to get better times on my barrel patterns and how to achieve more in my hobby. You not only helped my horse, but you helped me. You told me how I can control my horse and how to make him do what I needed him to be doing. You gave me the push I needed to get one step closer to achieving my dream. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Stephanie Nobles
Age: 14
Killeen, TX
June 2009    


I wanted to thank you again, your mini clinic was a hit with my girls. You truly have a gift with horses. My daughters are so impressed they can not wait to attend another one of your clinics.

Amazing, your ability to explain and teach these kids about body control, drive and how to control the horses hips and shoulders. We can see a difference in the way they ride the barrel pattern. I can only recommend your clinic.

Also, I have to say Nicole, my oldest one she was riding the paint mare. Learned from you. As we are uhing and ahing about Josie and I'm saying I wish we could afford a horse like this Nicole said "Mom don't ask for a million, if you are happy and only need $5". I wasn't sure at first what she was talking about but then she explained, That God will provide and he has provided well for us, so don't be greedy and ask for more.
Thanks Tracie for teaching them that, :0)

Hope to see you soon,
Love the Shoemakers
June 10, 2009
Gorgetown, TX    

Hi Traci,

I joined you for a clinic in March that was held in Elizabethtown, KY. I never really followed up with you after the clinic and wanted to take a minute now to say thank you. My Paint Maverick and I have never enjoyed riding as much as we did that weekend. Looking past the long drive and crazy storms on the way home it was exactly what I needed at that time.

Prior to the clinic I had just found out that my company closed it's doors and that left me out of a job. I actually thought about not going because of the expense to travel there. Let me tell you the good lord was looking out because your clinic renewed a faith and love I had (temporarily) misplaced. The greatest thing I took away from that weekend was not how to pick my horse up (but this skill will definitely come in handy) it was to be satisfied with $5 and not ask for a million. Maverick is a green horse who is not sure what his destiny is, but what ever the future holds he and I work so much better together because of some great foundational skills you taught us.

Thank you for restoring the faith, teaching me a little more patience and most of all giving me hope that for horse lovers like me without the 30K horse I can stil have fun, learn to race, maybe have a chance and continue to love the ride.

That wkend was about my horse and spending some much needed time with my best friend. One thing I do wish was different...I wish we could have heard you deliver morning prayer/mass. In the end I know god will never give us more than we can handle. I'm confident this will become a yearly tradition as a great girls weekend. I hope that we will see you again in the future and in another clinic...maybe in Ohio ;-)

PS. You had a mare on the second day that you demonstated the pattern on. She shined like a copper penny. Can you tell me what you used to get her coat looking so great?

Traci thanks again for all that you did in a short 2 days. It was a wonderful experience and one I wouldn't have missed for the world!

Kristine Kash
May 30, 2009
Medina, OH    

I was so impressed with Traci and her Ultimate Body Control technique.

There was a wide variety of horses and riders from beginners to advance, she was very patient with each one. Everyone had allot of one-on-one time with her.

My horse was a seasoned TX 1-D barrel horse that would kinda stop and hop around the 1st barrel and then would get on the back side of 2nd and 3rd and shoulder into it and the more I tried to keep him off of it, the worse he would dive in at them. I am a seasoned barrel racer who has trained a few horses, I just could not get him to stop doing this! I had asked several well known horse trainers what I could do but no one would offer any help. It was to the point that I quit taking him to barrel races. He had been doing this for a year... So I decided to take a chance and take him to Traci's clinic to see if she could help us, and with in 10 minutes of her riding him I could tell the differences, she knew right off how to fix's it! She showed me a few times and then had ME do it and told me to do same exercise's on him for 30 days and I would be back to winning. Well she was right! Viper and I are winning money in 2-D and last few shows we have just been out of 1-D money. We are making clean runs and he is a blast to ride again.. I would recommend ANYONE to attend her clinic you will not be disappointed!

Thanks Traci!!!

Misty Berg - Futurity Rider/Trainer
April 30, 2009

Elizabethtown, KY Clinic - March 7 - 8, 2009

Thank you so much for coming and teaching this clinic! I learned a lot at this clinic that I would never have thought of and it MADE SENSE! One thing that I liked most was watching the other riders and to see the changes and the movement! It really helps you to understand what you are supposed to do. Thanks again and hope you have a safe trip home!

Kayla Brown
Elizabethtown, KY
March 8, 2009    

Elizabethtown, KY Clinic - March 7 - 8, 2009

What part of the clinic did you enjoy the most?
The one on one with my horse, understanding what I was doing wrong!

What was the most valuable information that you gained at this clinic?
The basic skills that I need to work on and how to leave the barrels!

What would you tell others about this clinic?
You will learn a lot about your horse and your riding skills. You will get one on one attention and she is so patient!

Shawn Travis
Rineyville, KY
March 8, 2009    

Elizabethtown, KY Clinic - March 7 - 8, 2009

We were so lucky to get to know Traci this weekend. She is just an amazing woman! She is by far one of the best horsemen I have been around in a long time. She understands horses in a way that most people will never get, and it is so refreshing to be around someone that is willing to share their knowledge! Leigh and I were way past exhausted come Saturday night, after being in the saddle all day, but it was so well worth it!

Leigh and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, and we will always, always, always recommend Traci Pratt and her amazing ability to anyone! She really is a just amazing! She mentioned to Leigh and I, that we need to come down to TX and visit her at some point, and I thought to myself “you have no idea what you are getting yourself into, we may never leave” hahah!

Awww what a great weekend!!!

Anne Walkup
Age: 31
Georgetown, KY
March 8, 2009    

Elizabethtown, KY Clinic - March 7 - 8, 2009

What part of the clinic did you enjoy the most?
Traci showing me how Maverick SHOULD work!

Of all the things you learned, what surprised you most?
How far Maverick has come in only 2 days!

What would you tell others about this clinic?
It was a GREAT experience and bonding with your horse! EVERYONE can learn something! I LOVE her teaching style!

Would you suggest others attend one of Traci's clinics?

Are you leaving this clinic satisfied?
Yes :-)

Kristine Kash
Age: 30
Medina, OH
March 8, 2009    

Elizabethtown, KY Clinic - March 7 - 8, 2009

Of all the things you learned, what surprised you most?
That my horse was so broke and responsive. Traci showed me that he CAN do it!

What areas do you feel were most beneficial to you an/or your horse?

What would you tell others about this clinic?
Get your bottom there! Come with an open mind and you will take a ton of info home with you!

What in your opinion could Traci improve on in her clinics?
NOTHING! She makes everybody feel comfortable and helps EVERYONE individually!

Are you leaving this clinic satisfied?

Leigh Walkup
Age: 31
Georgetown, KY
March 8, 2009    

Elizabethtown, KY Clinic - March 7 - 8, 2009

I really appreciate you letting us attend this clinic!! I have never received this much information in such a short amount of time! I felt like my horse wasn't ready when I walked into the arena Saturday morning and now!!! .... I felt so PROUD of my horse and her improvements! She really did well and you provided me with information that I can use now and for a long time to come! Sort of "Guidelines to Riding", Rules to live by so to speak! I will definitely try and contact you later on our progress! Thank you so much for your time and expertise!

Jordan Brown & Pure Sass
Elizabethtown, KY
March 8, 2009    

I had the opportunity back in November to purchase a horse from Traci. Not just any horse, Traci's horse! I have been so blessed with this horse and Traci! I had tried out so many barrel horses and none of them suited me at all. When I got on her, I knew within a matter of seconds, that this horse was the one. Very well trained horse and very well mannered! Also, got the opportunity for a couple of hours to have Traci show me some very interesting things that will help with my barrel racing career, that I have never been taught by anyone else. It isn't everyday you find a person who is selling a horse that will do that for you. Not to mention, if you are stumped on something, she will help you and is with you all the way! That means alot to me! I was so amazed with how this horse was trained, that we are sending 2 of our colts to her in the next month! The Lord has truly blessed Traci with the knowledge and talent she has with horses! It is very hard to come by these type of people everyday! Thank You Traci once again for giving me the opportunity to buy such an awesome horse from you! Look forward to attending some of your clinics!

Emily Whelan
Elizabethtown, KY
January 9, 2009    

Colby Swift
January 6, 2009

Hi Traci! I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact you had on my son Colby Swift at the clinic in Bay City last month. He was so sad when it was all over...he was the one who got the hoof pick you gave him. He has put that and your business card in a special place in his room and keeps asking when can we go ride at your house! You were so very nice and down to earth, I'm glad for the opportunity just to get to know you a little bit. The message on Sunday was great, my father-in-law is a preacher and I was just saved about 7 years ago. It was encouraging for a christian to be teaching one of my kids. I pray for blessings over you, and we hope to see you soon!

Mandy Swift
Midfield, TX
January 2009    

Note from the Bay City, TX Clinic Coordinator Lorene Piwonka:

I have always had at least one upset parent or rider! Either they felt they were sitting around bored or got left out. Or that they sat around and watched the trainer school his/her horse. Now you are the 2nd trainer i have had and not a single complaint! You have found your calling! That and ministry! I totally enjoyed everything you told us at the service this morning. I think you have a great career in your future. God is definitely got something in mind for you! I just hope you remember us when you go big time! Lol.    

Thanks to Traci Pratt and her techniques - In just a 2 hour lesson I've seen HUGE results in our snappy turns on my 2nd & 3rd! Would have seen a HUGE time improvement but the first turn was on me. Check out to get your turns tweeked and those seconds shaved... Your ultimate barrel horse is just a few techinques away.

Cassie Sparkman
December 2008    

I cannot put into words how greatful I am to have met Traci Pratt! As a horse owner it is hard to know who to trust to work with your horse. I could not be more impressed with how well mannered and consistant my horse is after only 90 days with Traci.She has a gift from God. She knows how to read the horse as well as the rider. If you aren't getting it Traci can tell and she stops to break it down for you until you get it. Because of Traci's work I am so excited about the next year of barrel racing! I look forward to learning more from her an without a doubt I will send my next prospect to her!

Melinda Smith
Liberty Hill, TX
November 2008    

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